Video Conferencing & Surveillance

A lot of things happen on Video Conferencing

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Video Conferencing & Surveillance


Video Conferencing is an important tool for all sort of business. Its helps in communicating with the people from across the globe with the use of Video as well as Audio.

Video Conferencing acts as a boon for the Companies to interact with their partners and discussing the basic requirements face to face and very essential as it saves the time and money.

Microworld offers Point-to-point & Multi-Point Video Conferencing either Software based or Appliance based or combination of both.

Today’s environment the Surveillance is more than merely deployment of Cameras and simple storage, compliances are demanding much more than this and by virtue our alliance with leading players in the domain we are offering the surveillance solutions addressing the new challenges of the surveillance requirement.

Our solutions will be based on product and solutions like Polycom,Panasonic, Cisco and such other so that your present and future needs are met. Few to mention here